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Learn Freediving

Apnea means “without air”. Apnea diving, also known as freediving, is the most original form of diving in which you descend with a single breath. There are a wide variety of disciplines and each is a special way of self-discovery and a feeling of connection with the water. 

Diving requires knowledge, mental strength and body control. Unlike other sports, this can also be learned as you get older.

Current news (changed on January 15, 2023)

I have an online course set up in the following languages. German, Swiss German and English. The price for this is 59 CHF. As soon as you have registered on the site and the payment is completed you will have access to the site.


I will be offering training every Tuesday in summer at Seebad Zollikon. But only from mid-June. At the moment I have broken my finger :( 

I will also try to organize day trips or small trips. But I will announce these in our Whatsapp chat.

Why you should learn freediving!

  • You learn to deal with stress and stay relaxed and calm even in more extreme situations


  • It gives you more confidence in the water


  • Anyone can learn it (age, smoking habits or fitness level don't play a big role)


  • It is a sport and a lifestyle at the same time. Fitness and yoga are helpful in getting better at freediving


  • Without annoying air bubbles from the diving tank, you can get much closer to the marine life


  • Even at scuba diving you get better because you are more relaxed


  • It's fun


  • additional reasons*


*Here you will find a link that describes the benefits of freediving in more detail

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