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About me

My name is Rivin Edassery and I started apnea diving in 2018. I am 30 years old and I do freediving, along with other leisure activities, mainly as a hobby. 

Rivin Edassery im Schwimmbad Fohrbach

Rivin Edassery

Freedive instructor

My story

I had heard and read a lot about apnea diving before. However, I was disappointed by the insufficient offerings that could have given me knowledge. At the end of 2018, I came into direct contact with this sport by chance while vacationing on an island in Thailand. Since my first course, I was bitten by the freediving bug and lived on the island of Koh Tao for three months. During this time, I trained daily and took yoga classes. For me, freediving was a more extreme form of meditation. In 2019 I successfully completed my instructor course with the SSI organization. With this certificate I was able to lead a few courses in my free time in Switzerland. Since the feedback was all very positive, I thought about offering professional courses back then. 

In mid-2020 I decided to do it and that’s how “Edassery Apnea Diving” was born. So that I have more freedom in design, I switched to organization.”molchanovs“. Since then I have been teaching freediving in Switzerland.

What I offer

I have the ability to pass on my knowledge in a relatively simple and simple way. One focus that I would like to focus on is knowledge of the physiological background of diving. They help enormously to relax and feel good in the water. I would like to convey this. Safety when diving is our top priority. I provide the necessary know-how to avoid diving accidents. I also show you how to secure each other (buddy system). 
I can provide support in particular with static apnea and dynamic apnea through my work in the swimming pool. There are three different disciplines in the pool.

STA: maximum breath hold with face down in the water.
DYN: maximum distance with fins.
DNF: maximum distance without fins.

There are the following disciplines in the seaside resort or openwater. 

FIM: maximum depth by pulling yourself down on the rope.
CWT: maximum depth with mono fin.
CWTB: maximum depth with fins. 

CNF: maximum depth without fins. 

my motivation

I enjoy passing on knowledge and it makes me happy when I see people in my class who are completely fascinated by themselves. Many people notice that with the necessary information that I give them, they can feel comfortable underwater for a very long time. There are diving students who get it right straight away and those who need a little more help. I like to take on challenges and also like to support those who need additional help.

Zolliker Zumiker Bote article(13.11.2020)

Rivin Edassery is since seven years working as a lifeguard in the swimming pool Fohrbach in Zollikon. The 27-year-old lives his passion for the water among other things as a freediver. In his free time, he sometimes jumps out of an airplane.

When Rivin Edassery decides at the age of 18 to do more sports, he does not know yet that this decision is going to have a decisive effect on his life. At that time the prospective electronics engineer still lives in Egg ZH. Via a colleague he finds his way to a group which regularly meets to swim in the swimming pool Fohrbach. He notices quickly, that moving in the water is great fun, and as he hears that there in the swimming pool, they are often searching for reinforcements for the summer season, he applies for a vacation job as a lifeguard. "We still swim regularly together," he says with a laugh. Rivin has his job as a lifeguard and currently he is working half of the week in Fohrbach and he is also studying health sciences technology. He already holds a Bachelor in electrical engineering in his Bag. "But when I started working in this field, I realized that I wanted to do something different."
Between finishing his apprenticeship as electronic technician, the study of electrical engineering and also afterwards Rivin Edassery took time-outs, which he used to travel and above all to discover new hobbies. "I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and try things that I already had in mind, but I never managed to overcome my respect for it." So, he takes one day all his courage together and jumps out of a plane with a parachute. "On the very first jump, I was struck by the incredible cost of overcoming. But at some point, it begins to be nothing…but fun."

One breath
From then on, his curiosity carries him to very different places. Fascinated by creatures that have the ability produce light, he travels to Thailand, where according to his research, the so-called bioluminescence can be observed on special plankton in the sea. This is how he discovered freediving and that is where he started his training. "I just wanted to know how this kind of diving works and acquire the skills to one day be able to do it as well. Later on, I also wanted to be able to teach other people to do this," he explains. Back in Switzerland he finds only a few offers which teaches freediving and decides without any further hesitation to offer courses himself. Anyway, Rivin Edassery can hardly hide his passion, when he talks about apnoea diving. He tries to explain the sport as easy as possible: "You dive with only one breath as far, as long and as deep as possible. And you have to come back to the surface with the same last breath." The most difficult part is not, to hold the breath for minutes, but to compensate the pressure on the ears. Rivin Edassery learned through his hobby, to keep calm even in hectic situations, to keep his pulse down and to calm yourself. Because in 40 meters depth you simply cannot allow yourself to become hectic. With increasing experience, according to Rivin Edassery also the diving experience gets better. "When you're down there, with you and your thoughts, and there is this silence. That  ist something very meditative," he explains. He often dives with closed eyes, because in this sport it is not about discovering the underwater world but to look inside you. He has also practically no thoughts during the dive. "Only the one that you'll have to go back up eventually."

Diving courses in Fohrbach
Rivin Edassery may teach his courses at the marginal times of the operation hours of the swimming pool. "So, in addition to my main job and my studies I can build up my own company for apnoea diving". He is obviously happy about that. In the basin of the indoor swimming pool, of course it is not possible to do a deep dive. "But until you are ready for a deep dive, it takes anyway a little time. In the beginning, it's all about learning the right breathing technique," he explains.He is planning to give courses in Lake Zurich next year. He himself took several months, until he could crack the 30-meter mark. "In this depth, your lung is due to the pressure practically empty." Meanwhile, he makes it to over 40 meters depth. "Sure, I was proud, when I reached this mark. But this is one of the requirements to become a freediving instructor." With his course offerings Rivin Edassery wants to pass on his knowledge to interested parties. He remains his Passion for moving in water also otherwise faithful. Since six years, together with a good friend, they hold a funny Tradition. "Others go once a month to have a drink to keep in touch. We meet us at the Quai-bridge in Zurich and jump into Lake Zurich."

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