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Molchanov's Freediving Courses & training

Molchanovs is similar to scuba divers PADI, an organization that only trains apnea divers. The certification is recognized worldwide.
The most famous certifications in this sport are from the organizations:
molchanovs, AIDA, SSI, PADI

I offermolchanovs courses. Lap courses each last about one day and wave courses last two days. And for those who don't immediately meet the requirements of the course, I offer individual lessons where you can show me the missing skills again.


| Course per person                                         
| Lap 1                                                     300CHF                                


| Upgrade L1 -> W1                               200CHF                     

| Wave 2                                                 470CHF                                                       

| Training in the seaside resort             45CHF *                                   


| Apnea diving for surfers                   100CHF

| Equipment rental by course             25CHF       

| Online course (CH,D,E)                          99CHF


* Only possible after Wave certification.

The courses are held in the swimming poolFohrbach andZollikon seaside resort carried out. Please write me a message if you are interested. The course will take place with a minimum number of participants. 

The maximum number of participants per course is limited to 8 in the theory room, 6 in the swimming pool and 4 in the lake.


For participants under 18 years of age, the signature of their legal guardian is required.

Minimum age remains 16 years.


After definitive registration, the course must be paid for before the course begins.


Apnea diving equipment is included in the price.


Entrance to the seaside resort is not included in the price and costs 6 CHF


I have a collection of neoprene to borrow for the course. I have fins in all sizes.

  • If you want dates, you can write me a message.

Current courses

This is the course I do the most. Those who want to continue afterwards will upgrade to Wave 1 in the summer months.

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  • Learn a little bit about freediving

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