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You can buy freediving equipment at the official Molchanovsshop.

Molchanovs Shop

Discover the freedom of freedivingmolchanovs! The high-quality diving equipment and safety accessories provide everything you need for a safe and exciting underwater experience.

Diving equipment:

  • Low volume mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit,  Weight belts, lead weights, 

Safety equipment and accessories:

  • Nose clip, lanyard, buoy, pulley system, stopper, 

Transport and storage:

  • Robust bag for safely transporting your equipment.


Immerse yourself and experience the world of limitlessness with molchanovs. Order now and enjoy freedom underwater! 🌊🌟
With the affiliate code: RIVINEDASSERY you get a little discount on most items.


Or you can search for suitable products on Amazon. Molchanov's products are of great quality but rather expensive. Therefore the alternative Amazon.

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