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 Great course - LAP 1
I spontaneously registered shortly before the course and everything went wonderfully. As a total beginner, I always felt comfortable.
My previous questions about the course were answered quickly. Rivin is motivated and very patient. The course materials are  still in English, but the course is in German. Rivin is happy to help with translations. I'm looking forward to the Wave course. Thank you again! 


Thank you Rivin for the great course!
It's simply spectacular what is possible with relaxation and breathing techniques. I hope things can continue in the lake next year.
Cheers, Timo


The freediving course with Rivin was great fun and very educational. He also conveyed the theory very well. I'm already looking forward to next year and hope that I can do the second part then. 


Personable, competent and motivating. A recommended course if you want to deal with your body, breathing in connection with the element of water. A little self-conquest opens up believed boundaries. 


The course was great and Rivin was a great instructor.
It was fun. 


The two of us spontaneously decided to attend the Lap1 course at Rivin. We couldn't have chosen a better instructor for this. He was very flexible with the course dates, explained the theory very clearly and was very patient during the pool sessions 😀. His helpful tips will definitely help me in the future! 


Rivin strahlt eine grosse Begeisterung fürs Apnoetauchen aus! 


Rivin is a great instructor. I learned a lot.  


Very interesting and entertaining course, first theory then practice, where you get the basics of freediving explained very well and also have the opportunity to gain your first concrete experiences. Rivin is a very likeable coach who always conveys his experience and competence with a smile on his face and adapts very well to his students. Thank you very much Rivin, it was great fun. Gladly again. 


Amazing course where you can develope basic techniques with great results. I learned a lot. I definitely recommend you doing it. 


We completed LAP 1 in a self-organized group of four. Although we already had some prior knowledge of diving with an oxygen tank, there was also a lot to learn about freediving techniques. Of course, good diving locations and the next holiday plans were also exchanged ;)

Rivin repeatedly incorporated small experiments to put theory into practice. So the theory part went well until we went into the water.

A small snack from home as a snack is a must for LAP 1 - Rivin instructed us accordingly.

Since we had login problems before the theory test, Rivin had to make creative changes at short notice. We then went through the questions in plenary session.

During the water exercises, it was great to be able to try out the different elements of Rivin's equipment. My personal favorite was the “lobster” who helps with diving in the indoor pool.

I'm looking forward to more freediving experiences. Thank you for the great introduction, Rivin! 


With no prior knowledge of diving, I booked the LAP1 course with Rivin and it was a great experience. He organized and carried out the day, which consisted of theory and practice in the water, very competently and personably. I'm looking forward to the summer so I can experience the WAVE1 in the lake. 


The LAP 1 course was a great thing. Rivin introduced us to the topic with a lot of empathy and we were all able to achieve success. And all of this in a friendly, family atmosphere. Thank you Rivin 


Extremely pleasant course offering to get to know apnea diving and more👍 absolutely worth it


 I completed the Lap 1 course at Rivin in Zollikon. I was very satisfied with the course and learned a lot from Rivin's experience. The Lap 1 course obviously has a lot of theory, but that's part of it. The practical part was a lot of fun. What could be done better would be the preparation of the classroom and a lunch break to get something warm to eat in the swimming pool. All in all, the course was very helpful and I will definitely continue to pursue the topic. 


I was able to gain a perfect and fun insight into the world of freediving!

Smooth, uncomplicated communication & Access to online training materials, what more could you want?

Thank you Rivin!


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